Friday, July 24, 2009

Omg Mum,i had feel the crowded..!

Last saturday,i together with my brother and his girlfrend and frends went to Stadium Bukit Jalil watched the match between MU versus Malaysia Star Team.

We parking our car at other monorial station and then sit monorial straight go to the following stadium as we know it will traffic jam if we drive car thru went there.

Wow,you have to belief it,in the monorial,we just can saw the crowded that make the monorial damn "trafic jam" and all the fans were wearing the red devil's jersey around of me!Unbelievable,so glad to let me saw the phenomena like this!

When we reached there,words that i can say againt was:"omg,so crowded..!"You think,84 thousands more people are going the same place and watching a fantastic match together with us later,izzit great?!

Next,we are going inside and quickly found the greatest place to sit so that we can aim the MU star when they came out.Bad thing was that time just 3pm somethings only when we go inside,still 2 more hours to go.And good thing was we can saw Micheal Owen and other star more clearly compare to the behind's people just can saw them like an ants..>.<

Ok,write too much already,so just see what photo i took that day la!

crowded in Stadium Bukit Jalil!
Wow,full of MU's fanS!
1st time so near with them!
They celebrated for MU's goal or Malaysia team's goal?!
Goal scoring by MU's Rooney and we stand up watched the fastastic goal!
Before,Changing,After!Tony damn funny!

Bro with his sweet girlfriend!
We're Red Devil's fans!
We're MU's supporter!

My first dream [Watch MU's match] ->success
My second dream will be [go MU's home,Old Trafford] -> izzit will success?who know!

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