Saturday, August 27, 2011

Singapore Trip | 新加坡之旅

Finally I got time to update my blog! I just came back from Singapore on last week and I felt very tired as the trip was so rush to me, the important thing is we MISS FLIGHT when we gonna back to Penang! After that we spend $70 per person for AirAsia flight and yet our time back to Penang have been delayed until 10.40pm(if we din't miss the flight we will reach Penang around 5.30pm)..Really spent time, spent energy and spent MONEY, haiz! However, I very enjoy this trip with Teryi, Joey and Alvin la, everyone of us bought a lot of design's stuff from the STGCC fair and we felt excited in this fair. As STGCC was the main reason we came to S'pore. Besides that, this is my 1st time experience to back and forth between S'pore and JB everyday. This is because our lecturer, Yenny invited us to stay at her house in order to save cost by staying in hotel at S'pore.(as we know, staying in hotel at S'pore was very expensive, it is really worth to back and forth as we just spent around $30 for transportation of MRT and bus only for 4days trip) Other than that Yenny also brought us go to eat and look around JB when we coming back from S'pore at night! She was so kind and we really appreciated the help and enthusiasm from her. Thanks Yenny!=)

okla, is time to post up some photos that I captured during the vacation at S'pore!

Introduction 1st LOL
arrived Changi Airport, the airport is very big and awesome.
Station that we always stop when going back to JB.
we get lost, and he felt sad.
our supper at JB(very hungry that time as we still not yet having our dinner).
our beloved lecturer's house, simple and nice interior design!
breakfast before we go to S'pore.
my breakfast set, YUMMY!
we arrived Suntec, STGCC was inside!
spongebob's family!
we collected all the postcard at TO-FU Oyako's booth! excitedxD
many posters on the wall.
met the ironman.
nice architecture at Orchard Road.
another nice architecture!
Dior Gucci LV are everywhere in Orchard!
all will be part of my collection!xD
Founder of TKDK.
Many candy on top!
Our last korean's dinner at JB.
Leaving Yenny's house and depart to airport=(

I just upload some photos in my blog only, if you want to see more can go to my facebook page to have a look. and click here to see a short video that created by my lecturer, Teryi. With this video, our S'pore trip was become wonderful and perfect! Hope that 4 of us got the another chance to go vacation again next time! =D

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