Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clara C's Concert | KL Trip

Couple weeks ago, me and my coursemates went to KL for watching the Clara C's concert . I knew that a lot of people not really know who is she, let me introduce you all about her a little bit heh.. she is a very talent famous Youtube singer that I admire since half  or 1 years ago I guess LOL? And she is an American born Korean. Actually I thought that she won't come to Malaysia as we all knew that she just one of the singer in Youtube only until one day my friend, Wilmer (he actually 1 of the big fan of Clara also heh) told me that she will come to Malaysia on this end of Nov! That time we were so excited and we promise will go to see her concert together. ( that time was our holiday also hah!)

After our semester ended on the end of Oct, we plan it together again and try to call other of our coursemates to join us as well. At the end Marcus, Alvin, Joey, Wilmer and me were decided to go and watch together. We plan to go for 2 days 1 night, the 1st day which is 29 Nov we will go to watch Clara's concert, and the 2nd day we will go to visit TOA sunway before we back to Penang. After we planned the trip, Alvin help us to buy the ticket via online and unfortunately Joey said that he can't join us to the trip anymore for some reasons, we knew that he actually faces some problem and we din't force him as well. Back to the planning of the trip, we plan to stay 1 night at budget hotel near Damansara area which is quite near to the concert location, Bentley Auditorium ( beside IKEA ), but after that Alvin suggested that 4 of us actually can stay at his cousin's apartment near there also. After consideration, we decided to stay at his cousin's apartment. Really appreciated and thanks to his cousin=)

Few weeks before we go to KL, we already bought the Aeroline bus ticket for back and forth. The service of the Aeroline bus was the best if compare to other bus companies, and of course, the price was expensive as well which is RM120 for back and forth heh.

IMG_6363 When the date is coming, all of us are so excited because on that night we will attend Clara's concert already hah! The bus stopped at 1 Utama around 1.30pm. Before we go back to Alvin's cousin apartment for some rest, we plan to shop and eat our lunch at there 1st.

We eat at New York Deli, the foods were not bad=)
IMG_6369 IMG_6372

After we rest for around 2 hours in Alvin's cousin apartment, we sit the taxi to Bentley Auditorium to redeem our tickets hoho!

Every of us were busy to take pictures with the tickets and poster 1st LOL!
IMG_6393 IMG_6394 IMG_6395 IMG_6396

Due to the time still early, we went to IKEA for a walk and have our dinner at there before we move on to the Clara's concert at 8pm. IMG_6404 IMG_6416

When we reached there around 7.45pm, we saw a little crowded over there and we guess not so much people to come for the concert, but we are wrong! After 8pm, we saw many people already here and waiting to queue to go inside!

Yea we took photos again over there, too excited already hah! IMG_6430 IMG_6431

Due to the concert don't allowed us to photograph inside and too dark as well, we din't take photo until the concert finished at 9.30pm. Her concert overall was quite good. After that we came out to wait for her autograph on our albums that we just bought before the concert start. IMG_6478

Many people shouting and capturing her when she came out! (watch this video then you will get what I mean LOL)

Yesss finally I can get the chance to see her closer! She wrote my name and drew a LOVE shape on my album cover OMG!!haha IMG_6471

After the autograph session finished, we took a photo outside Bentley Auditorium before we went back to home.

The next day we went to The One Academy Sunway to pay a visit since we were from TOA also. Before we visit there, we having our lunch at Sushi King which located in Sunway Pyramid. IMG_6500 IMG_6502

Yeah The One Academy Sunway here we come LOL! Thanks to our former lecturer Wei Peow for bringing us to visit whole buildings of the college. After the visited only we knew that TOAS was HUGE if compared to TOA in Penang=) IMG_6509

This is the lobby which located at one of the building in basement.

This is the Gallery Showcase for the 5 Majors in TOA.

Around 5pm, we prepared to sit the Aeroline back to Penang!IMG_6533

Although the trip was quite rush, but we do really enjoy well and hopefully Clara can come again to Malaysia for next time hah!=)

*Photos by: Alvin
  Edited by: Me

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