Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6 ma lat lou + Hatyai Trip

I went to Hatyai again!but this time went with my buddies and actually we have 7 buddies included me can go together one,but 1 of our friends,ee tat was facing the final exam so he can not join us..nvm ee tat,without you we still have fun and enjoy laa,lol..

2 weeks before we go to there, I purposely call to hatyai for the hotel booking. Unfortunately due to the peak season, all of the hotels were fully booking!After that I thought online booking is easier for us. Sad case~ all of the hotels official website were fully booking too!! SIGH~

after a week later,i tried to search a hotel agents website thus i found that hotelthailand was not bad.The most important is,by compared to the other official website, we only have to pay more 50++Bath.Without any consideration, I decided to book the hotel i want through hotelthailand.And its done!hiak hiak:P

NOTICE*:hotelthailand's service was good and easy to access.Once you be their member,you can simply book the hotels you want via credit card.Before that,they will send you a confirmation mail about the hotel name,price and etc.After you confirm everything and make the payment,they will send you a receipt voucher,print it out,so that you can claim your room when reached there.
p/s:If you really can not get a hotel and yet before few days you depart to hatyai,can try this hotel agent:p

okay,time to enjoy the pictures that i took that day laa! xD

have a group photo 1st when we on the way to hatyai=)

once we reached there,the driver straight away bring us to the hotel that we gonna stay for 1 night.We stayed at Diamond Plaza Hotel which is just 5mins walk to Lee Garden Plaza.
This was the reception counter & lobby of the hotel.

After checked in and put our luggage in the room,we went to Lee Garden Plaza to have our lunch and shopping!

Our 1st meal in hatyai,MCD.

Hatyai MC.

sit tuk tuk to another places.

i doubt he want to show off to his gf in Taiwan.

Busy city in the morning.

took this pictures in tuk tuk,on the way back to hotel from da ba sha.

he so satisfy after bought his favorite snack!lol

after that,we went to Lee Garden Plaza,33th floor to have our lunch,it was buffet and only cost us 150 Baths.nice yet cheap!

act cool after ate so full.

took a picture on the street.

lastly,this is our funniest buddy,Pang.Is he like the mannequin or the cloth?LOL

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