Monday, December 27, 2010

Dweey + liselle | Talk & Exhibition

Went to my college which is The One Academy,Penang for a talk & exhibition last few weeks ago,the reason i attended to the talk is because i am a fan of LUK,which is the founder of Dweey,and also LISA Lee for liselle,hehe=)
seriously i had been waiting them to come to Penang for so long time already since half years ago when my lecturer told me they will come to Penang soon.
after that when i knew they will come to my college in my sem break holiday,i felt so excited and purposely come to Penang to attend the talk+exhibition although i was in the holiday mood(you all can see how desperate am i want to see them right?LOL)

ok,let me introduce you about LUK first.
His full name is Luk Chee Chew,
He is the founder of Dweey,created by him in 2005,
Dweey started from a little cartoon character and slowly turns into a designer vinyl toy brand under Toy Minister(info from Dweey's FB)

As i know,Toy Minister also created by LUK that he combined the Dweey and liselle together,so call Toy Minister.During the talk session by LUK,he told us he really spend many years in experiment Dweey and also face many problems on that.

This was said by him during the talk and that time when i heard,i felt that he really sacrificed a lot of times in making Dweey.Now,Dweey not only famous in Malaysia but also famous in other few countries.yeah LUK you are so awesome!
Indeed,he make me impressed after the talk=)

so now we talk about LISA,
she is the founder of liselle,
she also is a Fashion Artist and lecturer in The One Academy,Sunway
i knew that recently she started to crossover with other country's artist such as Mexico and Bangkok's artists and make a lot of exhibition in KL together with Dweey.It was a great thing she can do other instead of just be a lecturer only,right?hehe..
felt impressed to her also after saw her masterpiece exhibited in my college!

lol,so much that i write let me show you some pictures i took that day laa!

The Dweey+liselle Talk presented by LUK and LISA

Dweey also collaborated with Shabowlbrothers,founder of Sean Lee to invite 10 Penang artists to paint on Dweey toy to express their creativity for turning Dweey into a beautiful and valuable artist work.So these are the few artists' work.

Done by Shirley,our lecturer in The One Academy,Penang

Done by Sean Lee,founder of Shabowlbrothers.He is a Penang based artist too.

Done by Choo Eng(see more in Dweey's FB page)

Done by Willy Loh,as i know,currently he working for peopalove,a design company in Penang,he also helped street wear shop,Paranoid Gurney designed a Anniversary shirt before.

Done by Law Hwa Siang(see more in Dweey's FB page)

Done by Maizul Effendy(see more in Dweey's FB page)

This is UrbanCr3atures,founder is lim chun woei,a penang based artist too.

LISA's masterpiece,liselle

Group photo

i also did some shot to all the Dweeysss

Last,this is my Dweey standing on my laptop!LOL

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